COVID-19 Information & Updates

Club Update - 1st December 2020

Further to our email communication last week we can confirm that the club will be open from tomorrow.  The club and the coaching team are looking forward to welcoming you all back on court.

The club will continue to operate using the 'Covid-19 play rules' that were in operation before the second lockdown. Should members wish to refresh themselves on these they can be found within the ‘Covid-19’ section of our website using the link below –

The rules will be updated as and when further guidance becomes available.
Club sessions will recommence on Thursday with session coordinators organising the activity. Those members attending club sessions should be aware that due to the re-surfacing works taking place, there may be occasions when club session activity will be limited to only two or three courts. We can confirm that this Saturday only two courts will be available for club session due to matches taking place on the other two courts. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

As you are aware courts 5-8 are in the process of being re-surfaced and therefore we would kindly ask members to take care when at the club. Members must not enter areas that have been sectioned off for the re-surfacing works. We would like to remind members that you are using the courts, benches and the clubhouse at your own risk. Further, members must continue to maintain social-distancing before, during and after play.

We would politely ask that all members continue to heed the government's advice if you are showing any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 or if you are in any of the 'higher risk' categories. We would also ask members to familiarise themselves with the guidance relating to the tier that their address has been allocated. It is important that members continue to respect the rules of the club and of the government as they are in place to protect us all. We have included a link below which you may find helpful.

Finally, we would like to say welcome back and thank you for your patience.