COVID-19 Information & Updates

Club Update - 16th May 2021

Further to our email on 13th May, the club is now pleased to confirm how Stage 3 of the government's roadmap for the easing of lockdown restrictions will affect the activities at the club.


The clubhouse will reopen. However, we will be taking a cautious approach with the reopening.  As always the safety of our members is a priority.

Therefore, the following rules apply when using the facilities in the clubhouse -

·    Face masks should continue to be worn when entering the clubhouse.

·    Anyone entering the clubhouse does so at their own risk.

·    Only one group of six or two households are permitted to use the clubhouse at any one time. Everyone in the group must sign-in using the QR code on display or by signing the next unused page in the 'Club session' orange book located in the clubhouse.

·    Please use only the table and chairs designated for use.  After using the furniture in the clubhouse please ensure you have wiped it down after use. 

·    Should another member wish to enter the clubhouse to access the floodlights or use the toilet facilities, when there is a group present in the clubhouse, they are of course permitted to enter the clubhouse provided social distancing is maintained from the group at all times.  This also applies if the coach wishes to access the equipment cupboard.

·    Only one member from the group is permitted to use the kitchen. We would request that members bring their own water bottles for drinks. The club will not at this time be providing supplies for the kitchen.  It will be up to the group to provide these if using the kitchen. The kitchen area must be cleaned thoroughly after use and hand sanitiser used before touching items.

·    Please ensure that no belongings are left in the clubhouse when you leave. The club will not be responsible for any items left in the clubhouse.  

·    All rubbish should be cleared away into the bins provided. 

·    The clubhouse alarm must be set if you are the last member to leave the clubhouse.

Rule of 30

The rule of 6 for outdoor gatherings has been increased to 30.  Therefore groups of 30 are now permitted for informal social play at the club.  Social distancing should continue to be maintained between people who do not live together.

Due to new members joining the club, who may also wish to participate in club session, we will for the moment be continuing to run our club sessions as an organised activity which will be exempt from the rule of 30.  Session coordinators will continue to run these.  

Please note that any group socialising before or after club session is subject to the rule of 30 outdoors and 6 indoors.


Spectating is now allowed. However, members must adhere to the social gathering limit for groups outdoors and indoors.

The committee will continue to monitor how activities are running at the club, as well as continuing to review any updated guidance for tennis venues and the government’s roadmap updates.  We are aware of the recent concerns regarding the Indian variant. 

We hope all our members are continuing to enjoy their tennis at the club and should anyone have any concerns about safety at the club please do not hesitate to contact us.