COVID-19 Information & Updates

Club Update - 16th July 2020

In response to the recent government announcement, tennis venues have been requested to keep a temporary record of all those who have been on the premises for 21 days in order to assist with track and trace if so required. Consequently, the Committee have introduced the following measures at Coopers Hill Tennis Club.

General Court Bookings

All members wishing to play on our tennis courts are already required to book a court via our online booking system. We cannot emphasis enough the need for all members to adhere to this. No member should be playing on court without a court booking.

We would now also ask that those members who have booked a court keep a record of who they have played with on court for 21 days. This is in case there is a need for us to contact you to determine who was playing on our courts on a particular day.

Whilst members are making their online court booking we would recommend that the name of the person/s you will be playing with is entered in the 'notes' box within the confirmation screen.

Junior Coaching

As individual places are booked online through our website the Head Coach will maintain a record of all Juniors in attendance.

Club Sessions

All members attending club sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be required to register their attendance. A folder will be kept in the clubhouse where members on arrival will need to register their name at the beginning of the club session. It is our intention to introduce this procedure from Saturday 18th July. We should be grateful if those members in attendance would remind their fellow members at club session to sign-in.

For everyone’s safety it is important that all members continue to heed the government's advice if you are showing any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 or if you are in any of the 'higher risk' categories.

We would again remind members that you will be using the courts and the clubhouse at your own risk. As you are aware taking part in any activity has the potential for increased risk of transmission of Covid-19. We would advise all members to read the government’s guidance on staying safe outside your home - Staying safe outside your home

At this time, the benches at the club remain out of use in accordance with recommended guidance. We would like to politely remind parents of ‘Yellow Ball Junior’ and 'Family' members that those Juniors under 12 years old require adult supervision. Parents of those Juniors under 12 must remain on site whilst their child is playing on court.

In addition, please be reminded that Junior members who have the ‘Red/Orange/Green Ball Junior’ membership are only permitted to play under the supervision of one of the club’s authorised coaches or with a parent who has a 'parent' membership or ‘full’ membership with the club. Alternatively parents would need to consider upgrading their child's membership.

We thank you for your continued cooperation. We appreciate that at times it can be confusing with all the ongoing updates, but we are required to update and amend our procedures in accordance with the latest government announcements. All our recent Covid-19 updates can be found on our website.