COVID-19 Information & Updates

Club Update - May 2020

Following the Prime Minister's statement on Sunday evening, the Committee is pleased to confirm that the tennis club is planning to reopen later this week. It is the Committee’s duty to provide a safe environment for its members to return to, and accordingly we are assessing what measures must be introduced to achieve this.

The Committee has agreed that once the club reopens only four of the eight tennis courts will be in use. Furthermore, in order to keep foot traffic at the club to a minimum we will be introducing a booking system for all four courts in use. Members will be able to access the court booking system by clicking ‘Book a court…’ on our website. Only hourly slots will be available. Members are requested to make no more than three bookings in a week to allow all members the opportunity to book courts.

If you would like access to the system to make court bookings, please email with your full name so that you will be able to access the system when it is live with all four courts.

As a Committee we remain committed to following government guidelines. In order to protect our club and its members the Committee has agreed a set of rules.

We cannot emphasise enough the necessity to follow government guidelines and the rules of our club. Failure to do this may lead to problems for the club so we will take such action very seriously. Any member who is found in breach of our rules, including playing with a non-member, will risk their membership being terminated.

Following discussions with the Coaching Team, the Committee has agreed that the club should proceed with caution at this time regarding our coaching programmes. Our intention is to resume individual coaching once the Committee and the Coaching team have had time to fully review the new protocols, consider how arrangements are working at other venues and enable us to return in a way which is most appropriate and safe for both our members and our coaches.

Finally, we continue to ask members to heed the government's advice if you are showing any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 or if you are in any of the 'higher risk' categories. All members will be using the courts at their own risk. For those members requiring further guidance on staying safe on the tennis court, more information can be found at the LTA website by clicking the below button.

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