COVID-19 Information & Updates

Club Update - 12th September 2020

The government recently announced that the rules on social contact will change from Monday 14th September.  The legal maximum number of people from different households that can meet will be six people. 

The Committee would like to clarify how this restriction on group numbers will affect activities at the tennis club.  We apologise for the length of this email, but we would kindly request that all members read the email in full as it contains important information about procedures at the club.

Coaching and spectators

Following recently updated guidance for tennis venues we can confirm that our coaching sessions are exempt from the group limit of six provided the club has in place the recommended Covid-19 safety measures for tennis venues.  The Committee is extremely proud of how hard the coaching team has worked, and continues to work, to ensure that all the necessary Covid-19 measures are in place.  Consequently, we are pleased to confirm that our coaching sessions will continue to run as normal.

We would please ask parents/guardians of junior members, and indeed any persons at the club, who are not participating in an activity on court to stand off court. Wherever possible the club requests that there is only one spectator for each member that is on court.  Furthermore, spectators should be in groups of no more than six people and must continue to adhere to social distancing measures. 

Court bookings

Members must continue to book their courts through the court booking system.  For track and trace purposes members must ensure that the names of the people they are playing with are listed in the notes field when confirming their court booking online.  

Any member bringing a guest to the club is responsible for informing their guest of the rules and procedures in place at the club.  We would politely remind members that the club must be notified of all guests present on court and all guest fees should be paid promptly.

From this Monday, we cannot emphasise enough how important it is that no more than six people meet up to play together on court. Exceeding this number would be breaking the law. Unfortunately, should any member be found to be breaking the law then their membership with the club will be terminated immediately.  

The club would politely ask that members do not congregate on or around the court before and after play.

Club sessions

Due to the way our club sessions operate, and in accordance with recommended guidelines, we can confirm that all members attending club sessions are now required to form groups of up to six people from Monday.  Once a group has been formed members from this group must remain with this group and under no circumstances should members mix with another group.  We must repeat again that to do so would be breaking the law.  

This is a significant change from normal club sessions where members would normally mix in with one another across all of the courts.  

For the moment, and whilst members get accustomed to the new procedures, the decision has been taken to allocate four courts to club sessions (courts 1-4).  Those in attendance at club session must agree on how the groups are formed. Once the group have been formed no changes are permitted and members must not move between groups.

For example, should twelve members attend a club session then these members have two options available to them for forming groups.  Firstly, they may choose to form three groups with four members in each. Each group would then be allocated a court which they would remain on throughout the duration of club session.  Secondly, they may choose to form two groups with six members in each. Each group would then be allocated two courts.  This allows one court to be taken up with four members of the group playing doubles whilst the remaining two members of the group play singles on the second court allocated to them.  The six players must remain in their group, but between them they are permitted to mix in and out of doubles and singles play.   

The decision as to whether to form groups of four to six will be at the discretion of those members present at the session on the day.

We would like to remind members of the club sessions running throughout the week.  Club sessions are open to full adult members and take place on -

Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am-12noon

·         Ladies and mixed doubles

Saturday 1.30pm-3.30pm 

·          All adults

We are hoping to reintroduce the evening club session for all adults on Tuesday 6.30pm-9.30pm. However, at the moment this club session would be limited to two courts only as it would need to take place on the floodlit courts 1 and 2 due to the darker nights.  

Therefore, at this time we are keen to assess demand for this club session. We would kindly ask that any full adult member who is interested in attending this evening club session to email membership at  so that we can review the numbers.  We do not expect members to attend every week, but we do need an idea of potential numbers as we do not want to block book these courts and find that no members are attending.  Alternatively, if there is a great demand for this session then the Committee will need to review the procedures in place for running this session to ensure that individual group sizes do not exceed six. 

Members attending our club sessions are required to register their attendance for track and trace purposes in the orange book located in the clubhouse. 

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to members for their patience. We appreciate that it can be frustrating at times when procedures keep changing, but the club must continue to update its guidance in line with the latest government announcements.

Following the re-opening of the club the Committee’s primary focus continues to be the safety and health of our members.  We would like to thank members for continuing to embrace our Covid-19 safety measures and 'Return to Play' rules.  

As a reminder to members all of our Covid-19 updates together with our list of ‘Return to Play’ rules can be found on our website.  

Again we cannot stress how important it is that all members continue to heed the government's advice if you are showing any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 or if you are in any of the 'higher risk' categories.

Finally, we hope that all members are continuing to enjoy their tennis and we would ask that members should not hesitate to contact us should they have any concerns.