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Club Programme

  • Members may introduce no more than three guests on any one day.

  • Members may bring guests to the club and each guest may visit up to 5 times a year. The guest's details should be registered when making the court booking online.

  • Members are responsible for their guest and for informing their guest of the rules and procedures in place at the club.

  • Members may not introduce guests whose application for membership has been declined or who have been expelled from the club.

  • All guest fees must be paid within 48 hours of the guest's visit. We kindly ask that payments are made by bank transfer using the reference "Guest fee - date of visit".

  • Our current guest fees are as follows -
Guests in court booking Fee
1 guest £6
Total fee - £6
2 guests 1st guest - £6, 2nd guest - £4
Total fee - £10
3 guests 1st guest - £6, 2nd guest - £4, 3rd guest - £2
Total fee - £12

Updated November 2021

How to operate the floodlights on courts 1 and 2

Tokens are required to operate the floodlights.

The meters, into which tokens must be inserted, are located at the back of the clubhouse on the left-hand side. Each token meter is labelled with the relevant court number. Please ensure you place the token in the meter for the correct court on which you intend to play.

Each token provides 30 minutes of light and costs £1.00 (the token cost will be subject to annual review). The tokens are available to purchase from the Club Chairman or alternatively you can email membership to request tokens. Please note that members may only purchase up to 10 tokens at a time.

We politely request that members do not stockpile tokens. Whilst we do have a good supply of tokens the club can not keep purchasing new tokens due to members not using the tokens they have purchased.

Multiple tokens can be inserted in the token meters and the time will accumulate - for example, 3 tokens can be inserted and will provide 90 minutes of light.

To ensure continuity of the floodlights when playing on court it is important that tokens be inserted BEFORE the previous token is fully used up (a display will show the remaining time). A red light will start to flash by the floodlight to signal that there are only 5 minutes left of light. If a token is not inserted in time, and the lights go out, it will be 5-10 minutes before the lights charge up again.

The following rules apply when booking the floodlit courts (1 and 2) during the winter months

During the winter months there will be an increased demand for using the floodlit courts.

To ensure fairness for all members, the committee has agreed the following rules which members must follow when booking courts 1 and 2 during the evenings:

  • Bookings are limited to a maxmium of two hours. We would also kindly ask that members book the courts in the evening from either 17:30 to 19:30 or 19:30 to 21:30. This will allow two bookings for each court to be made in an evening before the courts close.

  • Bookings to use courts 1 and 2 after 17:30 may only be made one week in advance. Please do not book these courts several weeks in advance as this is not fair to other members.

  • Members may make only two evening bookings each week to allow other members the opportunity to also book a court in the evening.

Please also note:

  • - Team Captains have permission to book courts in advance for their Woking League winter matches as the timings of these have been agreed. Team Captains will be provided with tokens for their matches. Please request these from the Club Chairman.

  • - Our evening club session will continue to run every Wednesday between 18:30 to 21:30. For this session tokens are provided to operate the floodlights and members may just turn up on the evening to play.

Updated November 2021